The Show of Wonders offers fun-filled and artistic entertainment for all ages. Audiences from five to ninety-five will enjoy storytelling about the great magicians of old, traveling medicine shows, carnival sideshows, hucksters and their con-games and ghostly tales of mystery: all played out with ornate, antique props, a beautiful stage set, and authentic vaudeville era routines.

Stage Show

Our theater show offers a beautiful stage set and can be performed in a wide range of venues from a small community center or auditorium to the largest theater.

Outdoor Show

Our outdoor show features a set-up that will add a fun atmosphere to any event. The performance takes place on an old-time carnival bally platform with colorful bench seating for the crowd. Complete with a canvas sideshow banner and vintage style "Next Show" clock to draw in the crowd. This is a great addition to any street fair, county fair, or festival.

Children's Show

The Show of Wonders offers "edu-tainment" for children’s shows that will teach kids about entertainment before cell phones and computers, even before television and movies, when a show was not a moving picture on a screen but a moving person onstage before their eyes! And the colorful props, storytelling, and audience participation will keep the kids engaged and entertained.

A Sampling



"In my experience of fifty years as Fair Manager, I have booked a lot of big name acts but I can certainlygo on record for recommending Rocky Clements' "Show of Wonders". Rocky has been playing our fair for over twenty years. It has been my pleasure and experience in dealing with Rocky that he has always been professional and easy to work with.He ...Read More

Jerry W. Reece

General Manager
Northeast Arkansas District Fair

"Rocky - just so you know, we received many phone calls prior to our event from people who wanted to know if you would be performing again this year.  Many wanted to know where in the park you would be performing so that they could position their picnic areas nearby. Congratulations for that! Because I have been fortunate enough to become fami...Read More

Pam Statler

Clear Channel Radio

"Rocky Clements' magic show is positively magical! Filled with humor, suspense and jaw-dropping stunts, this show is just as entertaining for adults as it is for kids.  If every performer we have were as easy and wonderful to work with as Rocky is, we would lower our rental rates.  He is professional, agreeable, respectful and considerate...Read More

Sherri Beatty

Executive Director
Foundation of Arts, Jonesboro, AR

"Rocky Clements is wonderful to work with!  He will arrive well ahead of the planned time to make sure he gets set up.  He is organized.  He has great rapport with the audience - all ages, 0-99.  He does a quality program.  Our staff enjoys working with Rocky and enjoys the shows as much as the audience! We highly recommend...Read More

Kay Taylor

Craighead County Libraries